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Monday, April 2, 2012

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of Champions

Want a super easy breakfast that will last you (well, some of you...I'm hungry two hours later no matter what) all morning?

1 egg
1 egg white
cooked beans of your choice, mine were dried *favas
chopped herbs (I used some *wild fennel fronds and garlic chives)
salt and pepper to taste
a swipe of grease of your choice for the *pan

Beat the egg. Heat the pan med-lo. Swipe the grease across the bottom. Pour the egg in the pan in one thin layer. as it cooks over med-low heat, lift up the edges of the egg and tilt the pan so the uncooked egg on the top slides underneath and it cooks in one thin sheet. throw a lid on for a second to cook the top a bit more. scoop some cooked beans in the middle and fold up the edges of the egg around it.  Sprinkle chopped fresh herbs.  Serve with a scoop of rice (eggs and rice really fill me up for a while, so I try to keep some cooked rice in the frig for breakfast).

Learn something new today (maybe):
*favas - most of you are probably familiar with fresh fava beans here in northern CA.  Well, they also come dried (i get them at the arab markets)  and soak and cook them myself to make foul madammas, one component of my favorite breakfast- a big traditional arab spread.  See the link for more info.   

*wild fennel- it grows EVERYWHERE around here. trust me, its probably in your back yard or at least on your way to work. Look for it.  Wild fennel, you can only use the fronds, there is no bulb.  The fronds, however, are much more flavorful than the kind you get in the store or at the farmers market with the big bulb attached- all the flavor there is in the bulb, but the fronds are still good too.
I did see it for sale at the farmers market for $8/lb and had to laugh- don't be the butt of my jokes!!

*the pan- my favorite egg pan is my "Scan pan".  Got it at Sur la Table, fairly pricey but it's. worth it.  Nothing sticks to it, you hardly have to grease it, and you can use metal on it. Check it out. 

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