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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sausalito Herring festival; Dina does caviar!

It's Herring season, and there are a ton of them here in our bay. Now, herring isn't exactly the most fashionable food this side of northern Europe, but maybe it just should be! Okay, okay, I know- some of you might say, "ummm…no thanks. My great aunt Gertie is the only person I know that eats that S#%t at christmas."  I, in fact, am one person that I know who said that.  Well, I am willing to give it another shot and you should, too. This Sunday at the 2nd annual Sausalito Herring festival is the perfect opportunity! We are trying to get herring their groove back.  A bunch of Sausalito restaurants will each be serving up their own herring inspired recipe, so you are destined to find a preparation that you might like!  I will be partnering with the California Caviar Company to serve up a tasty bite involving truffled whitefish roe, handmade rye crackers, and yup, you guessed it, herring.  My dawg, Davey Jones, will be dishing up some herring paella and Fish restaurant is doing whole roasted herring on a stick. You may just learn a thing or two about sustainably harvested caviar, as well. I know I will.  Even if you can't stomach the stuff, come on down for some drink, music, fishing boat tours, awesome people watching, and to feel a bit of a connection with your surrounding waters.  Actually, I think they might even be serving french fries ;)  


Almost 100% of the herring and their roe caught here in California and north America are shipped to Japan!  I could only find smoked herring from France at the local "we buy everything sustainable, local and organic" market. WTF? 

Herring is super high in omega 3-fatty acids (and we all know the positive hype associated with having a big brain) and minerals. It is a very good source of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Selenium, potassium, and phosphorus. Selenium helps form DNA and acts as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage from free radicals. You need potassium to help balance out the effects of sodium on blood pressure, and phosphorus helps form strong bones and keeps you kidneys functioning properly.  

Herring is very low in cholesterol and a great source of protein. 

Because they're relatively small and near the bottom of the food chain, herring and sardines don't accumulate the contaminants that are so common in large, predatory fish.

Herring haven't been endangered by overfishing as some other species of fish have, so you can eat them with a clear environmental conscience. In fact, since predatory species have been vastly overfished, we have twice as many sardines (herring are just large sardines) today as we had 100 years go.

…so I guess what I am saying is, eat some herring and you might just live forever... with a clear conscious. bonus.    

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